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Graphene I Sheets

High-quality layers for innovative ideas

Using a plasma-supported CVD process, graphene can be produced in the form of planar single crystals, which have amazing qualities. The monocrystalline layers are extremely rigid and tensile-resistant. The modulus of elasticity of graphene (approximately 1020 gigapascals) corresponds to that of normal graphite along the basal planes. This is almost the strength of diamond.


The electrical properties of the graphene layers are also remarkable. Because of the lack of a bandgap, the material behaves like an electrical conductor with a high mobility of electrons and holes. This suggests use in electronic applications. Graphene also has excellent optical properties; light is reduced by only about 2.3 percent when passing through the material and evenly over the entire visible spectrum. In the field of photovoltaics, graphene could thus replace indium tin oxide as a contact material. Diacara can advise you on these and other promising ideas.

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