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Diamond I Electronics

The future material for power electronics

Diamond is the ideal material for electronic power components – both in high-energy and high-frequency applications. For example, Schottky diodes made of diamond can demonstrably hold approximately eight-fold higher blocking voltages than diodes made of SiC. The quality indicators for electronic applications resulting from electrical and thermal material properties are also far higher than those of Si, SiC, and GaN. In addition, diamond-based power electronics can be operated even at high temperatures without additional cooling.


With the aid of plasma-assisted CVD deposition methods, high-quality single-crystal diamond substrates can now be produced. Important technological innovations such as n-type doping of diamond with phosphorus and p-type doping with boron have also been successfully implemented. The growth of ultra-pure diamond as an isolator is now technically established. Based on this, various prototypes of power devices ranging from pn diodes to Schottky diodes to field effect transistors with lateral pn junctions have been produced. The expert advice provided by diacara enables you to implement the current state of research in industrial production processes.

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