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Diamond I Deposition Reactors

High-purity diamonds from the reactor

The synthetic production of diamonds can be realized by various methods. However, these differ considerably with respect to the quality and quantity of the crystals produced. The microwave-based plasma CVD method is currently regarded as a particularly promising method for the deposition of high-quality diamond coatings. Diamonds are chemically synthesized using methane and hydrogen. In a deposition reactor, the gas mixture is heated to approximately 2500°C by a plasma and is then able to form a highly pure diamond.

With regard to the diamond surface that can be produced as well as the deposition rate, the method is currently in the optimization phase. The development of novel microwave reactors is now at the core of various activities for realizing single crystal diamond wafers on surfaces approximately 3 inches in diameter. This also opens up new possibilities, especially in the area of jewelry production. And diacara is on the cutting edge.

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