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diamond and carbon applicationsconsulting 

Diamond – carbon in its best form

Diamonds have been valued as precious jewelry for over 2,000 years. In the past few years, the carbon crystals have also become increasingly important in technical applications. Because of its unmatched hardness as well as its excellent electrical and thermal properties, diamond is superior to most other materials. Diamonds have long been used in material processing and laser technology (as an infrared window for CO lasers). Recently, it became the material for quantum metrology where its unique prperties outmatches competitors lile Si and SiC.

Thanks to modern plasma-assisted manufacturing processes, which allow the production of single-crystal diamond wafers, the range of applications for diamond has grown considerably – from the production of sustainable jewelry to application in heat spreaders, optics, or electronic components to use in quantum physics technologies. Diacara can provide you with expert advice on the extensive possibilities of these new technologies.


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