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Consulting I Review Articles

by C.E. Nebel 

Review Articles (Übersichtsartikel):


21.       The Approaching Carbon Age,

C.E. Nebel,

Electrochemistry 83 (5), p. 317(2015)


20.       Surface electronic properties of diamond

            C.E. Nebel

Elsevier, Super Hard Materials, Editors C.E. Nebel, V. Sarin

p. 339 - 364 (2014)

ISBN : 9780080965277


19.       Valleytronics: Electrons dance in diamond

C.E. Nebel,

Nature Materials, 12(8), p. 690-691, (2013)


18.       Photocatalysis: A source of energetic electrons

C.E. Nebel

Nature Materials, 12(9), p. 780-781, (2013)


17        DNA modified diamond films.

N. Yang; C.E. Nebel

In: Martinez-Huitle, C. A. et al.: Synthetic Diamond Films: Preparation, Electrochemistry, Characterization and Applications.

Berlin: Wiley-VCH, 2011, 551-614

Wiley Series on Electrocatalysis and Electrochemistry


16.       Isotopic homojunction band engineering from diamond

H. Watanabe, C.E.Nebel, S. Shikata 

Science, Vol. 324 (5933), p.1425-1428 (2009).


15.       Light sources: Tackling the deep ultraviolet

Christoph E. Nebel

Nature Photonics 3 (No 10), 564-566 (2009).


14.       Biosensors from Diamond

C.E. Nebel, B. Rezek, D. Shin, H. Uetsuka, N. Yang

In: “Physics and Applications of CVD Diamond”, Editos: S. Koizumi, C.E. Nebel, M. Nesladek, Wiley-VCR 2008 (ISBN: 978-3-527-40801-6), p. 129-176 (2008).


13.       Electrochemical properties of undoped diamond

C.E. Nebel, B. Rezek, D. Shin

In: “Physics and Applications of CVD Diamond”, Editors: S. Koizumi, C.E. Nebel, M. Nesladek, Wiley-VCR 2008 (ISBN: 978-3-527-40801-6), p. 93-127 (2008).


12.       Surface conducting diamond

C.E. Nebel

Science Vol. 318, 1391-1392 (2007).


11.       Diamond for biosensor applications

C.E. Nebel, B. Rezek, D. Shin, H. Uetsuka, N. Yang

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 40, 6443–6466 (2007).


10.       Diamond and Biology

C.E. Nebel, D. Shin, T. Nakamura, B. Rezek, N. Tokuda, H. Watanabe, T. Yamamoto

Journal of the Royal Society Interface 4, 439-461 (2007).


9.         Photo- and electrochemical bonding of DNA to single crystalline

CVD diamond

D. Shin, B. Rezek, N. Tokuda, D. Takeuchi, H. Watanabe, T. Nakamura,

T. Yamamoto, C.E. Nebel

physica status solidi (a) 203(13), 3245-3272 (2006).


8.         Surface electronic properties of H-terminated diamond in contact with adsorbates and electrolytes

C.E. Nebel, B. Rezek, D. Shin, and H. Watanabe

physica status solidi (a) 203(13), 3273-3298 (2006).


7.         Surface transfer-doping of H-terminated diamond with adsorbates

C.E. Nebel

New diamond and frontier carbon technology, Vol. 15(5), 247-264 (2005).


6.         From gemstone to semiconductor

C.E. Nebel

Nature Materials, Vol. 2 (7), 431-432 (2003).


5.         Transport and defect properties of intrinsic and boron-doped diamond

C.E. Nebel

in: “Thin-Film Diamond I”

Semiconductors and Semimetals Vol. 76

Editors. C.E. Nebel, J. Ristein

Elsevier, Academic Press, p. 261–324 (2003).


4.         Electronic properties of CVD diamond

C.E. Nebel

in: “Semiconductor Science and Technology Vol. 18

Special issue: Diamond Electronics

Guest editor: R. Jackman

Institute of Physics Publishing, p. S1-S11 (2003).


3.         Transport properties of diamond: Carrier mobility and resistivity

C.E. Nebel, M. Stutzmann,

in: “Properties, Growth and Applications of Diamond“,

IEMIS Data-Review Series No. 26,

Edited by M.H. Nazare, A.J. Neves, p. 40-52 (2001).


2.         Silicon, Amorphous

            M. Stutzmann, C.E. Nebel,

            in: “Encyclopedia of Applied Physics“, Vol. 18, p. 151,

American Institute of Physics, p. 151 (1997).

ISBN: 3-527-28140-1/96.


1.         High Field Transport in a-Si:H

            C.E. Nebel, R.A. Street

            in: “International Journal of Modern Physics B", Vol. 7, 1207-1258  (1993).



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