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Consulting I Books

edited by C.E. Nebel 

Comprehensive Hard Materials, Super Hard Materials

Elsevier, 2014

Editors: C.E. Nebel, V. Sarin

ISBN : 9780080965277


Physics and Applications of CVD Diamond

Wiley-VCR 2008

Editors: S. Koizumi, C.E. Nebel, M. Nesladek

ISBN: 978-3-527-40801-6


Thin Film Diamond I

Semiconductors and Semimetals Vol. 76,

Elsevier, Academic Press 2003

Editors: C.E. Nebel, J. Ristein

ISBN. 0-12-752185-2, ISSN: 0080-8748


Thin Film Diamond II

Semiconductors and Semimetals Vol. 77,

Elsevier, Academic Press 2004

Editors: C.E. Nebel, J. Ristein

ISBN. 0-12-752186-0, ISSN: 0080-8748

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