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Carbon-based materials determine the future

Carbon atoms form various compounds. The most well-known forms are graphite, diamond, and graphene. The characteristics of these allotropes vary considerably and thus offer unique possibilities for the development of innovative new technologies and applications (e.g., in power electronics, energy storage, sensor technology, or medical technology).


Diamond can now be produced synthetically by means of plasma-assisted chemical gas phase deposition (CVD) processes. Graphene flakes can be produced through the expansion of graphite. Both materials can now be produced in larger quantities. Carbon-based components are environmentally friendly and therefore particularly suitable when integrating sensors into smart homes, cities, and cars. In the field of diamond jewelry applications, “man-made” diamonds can prevent the overexploitation of nature. The novel carbons are also particularly promising from the perspective of sustainability.


If carbon is also the material of the future for you, please contact us. Diacara is committed to providing interested customers with expert and comprehensive advice in terms of manufacturing and production technologies as well as possible applications and markets. We can support you in making your business model a success.

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